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India is one of the largest military spenders in the world. The Indian Government’s ambitious modernization plan for its military, para military and various police forces is in full swing. With focus on defense sector and homeland security, huge amount of money would be spent on procurement of military platforms, sensors, weapons, and various kinds of defense/security equipment. Since more than 70 per cent of the weapons and equipment are imported by India, there is huge potential for the foreign companies to gain from the growing defense opportunities. The Government is focusing on indigenization and in-house manufacturing through ‘Make in India’ approach, therefore, there are huge opportunities for Indian companies to venture into defense sector and realize their business potential. However, due to complex procurement processes, government regulations, environmental conditions, business culture etc., it is essential for the companies to get the right direction to pursue the business opportunities. Neo Defense Consulting offers a platform to the prospective companies and provides the necessary support required by them to succeed in their respective missions.

With a view to achieving self-reliance in defense sector, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been making consistent efforts to indigenize defense production, wherever technologically feasible and economically viable. It has been a part of indigenization efforts to locate and develop broad-based domestic supply sources both in the public sector as well as in the civil trade for many sophisticated and complex equipment. The Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) was promulgated in 2002, which aims to streamline capital procurement. Indian experience with structured defense offsets commenced in 2006 through the introduction of offset obligations in the DPP. The offset clauses are applicable for all procurement proposals where indicative cost is above INR 300 Crores and the schemes are categorized as ‘Buy (Global)’ involving outright purchase from foreign/Indian vendors and ‘Buy and Make with Transfer of Technology’ i.e. Purchase from foreign vendor followed by Licensed Production. The Government also introduced the Defence Production Policy (DPrP) in 2011 to achieve substantive self-reliance in the design, development and production of equipment/ weapon systems/ platforms required for defense within stipulated time frames; to create conditions conducive for the private industry to play an active role in this endeavour; to enhance potential of MSMEs in indigenization and to broaden the defense R&D base of the country. The policies have been updated on a regular basis keeping in mind the feedback and suggestions from the industry and the existing policies are being reviewed to align with “Make in India” initiative and eliminate the hurdles.

Neo Defense Consulting has the requisite background knowledge of Indian defense procurement procedures, the offset policy, indigenization as part of ‘Make in India’ approach and other relevant issues. We aim to utilize our expertise in guiding and supporting our clients to obtain optimum results. Neo Defense Consulting has the requisite database of Indian government officials and private industry to make relevant contacts thereby, assisting in forging partnerships, Joint Ventures, transfer of technology, contract manufacturing, exporting defense articles, offsets and undertaking other relevant projects including training, maintenance and logistics etc. We also have the capability to help the client companies to identify, manage and implement their business ventures in the growing defense field.

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